The History

Certified Electricians Providing Safe And Reliable Electrical Solutions

Founded in Penticton B.C. in 1933, Betts Electric is a certified electrical contractor that proudly serves the Okanagan and Western Canada.  Betts Electric stands tall as one of the most successful electrical contractors working in the Valley. Thanks to a four-generation legacy of hard work, commitment to customer service and community involvement Betts Electric is proud to call the Okanagan Valley home.  

Betts Electric Milestones (1933 to Present)

Starting from the early 1930s, navigate the timeline below  to follow  Betts Electric’s growth as a company spanning over more than eight decades.


Betts Electric Co. opens its doors as Ira Betts sells electrical appliances to the local community of Penticton

Late 1930s

Betts Electric Co. goes into radio and refrigeration servicing


Betts Electric Co. lands a contract to install power and radio equipment atop Campbell Mountain, improving communications for the local fire department and the city as whole

Late 1950s

Ira’s son David takes over as President of Betts Electric

Early 1960s

The Okanagan Valley continues to expand as Betts Electric wires everything from lakefront motels to the Penticton Library, Co-op and Museum, Co-Ops in Oliver, Osoyoos and McNicol and even the school in Oliver.

Late 1960s

Infrastructure growth continues as Betts Electric helps to build (and then add-on to) airports in Penticton and Kelowna, along with an addition to Kelowna General Hospital and the construction of all-new hospital in Penticton.


Betts Electric completes the large-scale Kaiser Coal project (an electrical contract value alone of nearly $1.65 million) just outside Fernie, BC.


Betts Electric completes work on the Cherry Lane Shopping Centre in Penticton (electrical contract value of just under $920,000) working in tandem with local contractor Kenyon Construction (now known across Western Canada as Greyback Construction)


Apex Powerline Distribution


Apex Ski Lodge...


Various Apex Condo Resort Developments


Delta Hotel in Penticton at a value of $820,000 and Orchard Park Shopping Center in Kelowna at a value of $1.85 million both working with Greyback Construction


Ira’s grandson, Gerry takes over as the new President of Betts Electric


University of BC Okanagan - MARF building. Full institutional complex (electrical contract value of $1.6 million)


The Watermark Beach Resort in Osoyoos, BC (electrical contract value of $2.73 million)


Kamloops Waste Water Treatment Plant - A $43 million dollar upgrade of the facility infrastructure is complete. This was a 2 year, 3 million dollar electrical contract for Betts

2016 and on...

Ira's Great Grandson, Cameron takes over as the fourth President of Betts Electric