The People

Certified Electricians Providing Safe And Reliable Electrical Solutions

In any business it is ultimately the people that make the difference. From the very beginning, Betts Electric has worked hard to employ only the best individuals working in the electrical field, and that continues today. 

A Team of Professionals

We employ an experienced and versatile management group that offers big-picture guidance, professional expertise and good, old-fashioned common sense to any project.

We have skilled electricians, project foremen and Gold Seal Certified Project Managers that regularly go above and beyond to make sure each job is completed safely, to the highest quality and on budget.

Betts Electric offers a quality combination that our customers love and that our competitors find pretty hard to beat. In fact, a lot of our current projects come from past relationships. Repeat business is the best proof of quality you will ever find. 

Betts People Are The Best People

Our electricians are excited to show off the work they do, pulling each piece of wire like it was inside their own home. That’s a pride and commitment that comes from four generations of service. Without a doubt, at Betts Electric our people matter the most. And they will to you too. 

Cameron Betts – GSI

250-492-3221  Ext. 

Dale Collins – GSI

250-492-3221  Ext.  124

Leo von Burg

250-492-3221  Ext.  119

Dan Fraser

250-492-3221  Ext.  116