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May 08, 2017 Lighting

4 Top Ways to Improve Office Lighting

The quality of office lighting in your company premises has a great impact on the productivity of your staff. It is common knowledge that poor lighting can affect eyesight, make eyes tire quicker, and generally cause frustration among employees.

However, improving office lighting doesn’t just mean making the workplace brighter. Harsh white tones can also cause problems for staff and employees.

The Importance of Good Office Lighting

Finding ways to improve office lighting is an important way to look after the well-being of your staff. For example, a study published by the Cornell University reported that almost 70% of office workers complain about the quality of lighting. It was also noted that eyestrain is viewed as one of the main health hazards in the office environment.[1]

How to Improve Office Space Lighting

So, how can you improve office space lighting to make sure that none of your staff suffer from the effects of poor lighting?

Here are 4 top ways to improve lighting in the workplace.

1 Maximize natural lighting

One of the best ways to improve office lighting is to maximize the amount of natural light that comes into the office. Of course, due to the design of your office building, it may not be practical or possible to install more windows. However, make sure that any window coverings can be fully opened to allow the maximum amount of natural light as is possible.

2 Install energy saving lighting

Energy saving lighting using the latest in LED technology can, not only save you money in the long run but ca greatly improve the quality of light in the office. To find out the best type of energy-efficient lighting for your office, you should contact your local electrician for their advice.

3 Plan office space properly

Another easy way to improve lighting in the office is to plan office space properly. You need to take into account where the windows are, where desks can be placed and then have enough overhead lighting to brighten the office. You should also think about movable lighting that can be placed on desks to boost natural and overhead light.

4 Replace flickering lighting

It’s important to promptly replace any fluorescent lighting that is flickering or intermittently lighting up. A flickering light is not just annoying in the workplace but could trigger epileptic seizures in some people.

1. Lighting in the computerized office by CUErgo.

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