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February 07, 2017 Safety

DIY vs Licensed Electrician – When to Call

DIY enthusiasts love to take on any kind of odd job around the house. However, when it comes to wiring and electrical work, many stop to think about hiring the services of a professional electrician. Electrical work is fraught with dangers. There is, of course, the risk of an electric shock or electrocution, but you shouldn’t forget that faulty home wiring is a cause of many household fires.

Electrical Jobs for DIY

Of course, you don’t need to call a licensed electrician for every kind of electrical work. Depending on your experience and tools, there are some electrical jobs around the home that you can do yourself.

For example, many of the following jobs can be handled by most people:

  • Replacing a light switch
  • Replacing an outlet
  • Replacing a light fixture
  • Rewiring a broken lamp

For these jobs, you will generally need a good screwdriver and needle-nose pliers.

Remember, that safety is first when carrying out DIY electrical jobs. So, always turn the power off at the mains before carrying out any electrical work. Also, remember that all wires should be screwed firmly in place to avoid sparking in the outlet or short circuiting appliances.

When to Call a Licensed Electrician

There are many jobs around the home that are best handled by a qualified licensed electrician. Even if you think that you can handle the job yourself, there may be building and electrical codes to follow. Failure to follow these could render your house insurance invalid or leave you liable in the event of an injury or fire.

When should you call a professional electrician? Here are a few jobs that are better left to the professionals:

  • Rewiring parts or all of your home.
  • Installing new circuits including dedicated circuits for high-voltage appliances.
  • Doing work at the electrical panel or breaker box.

Although it may seem costly, hiring a licensed electrician to carry out essential electrical work around the home will save you money in the long-run. Most certified electricians insure their work and will guarantee the services that they provide. You will have the peace of mind, knowing that the electrical work has been carried out to a high standard.

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