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February 03, 2017 Safety

What Are Ground Fault Protected Devices?

If you are carrying out electrical work around the house, it’s important to think about safety. Every year thousands of people are injured or killed because of faulty electrical equipment. One way to improve electrical safety is to install a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). This will protect you from an electric shock from any electrical devices on that circuit.

Why You Need Ground Fault Protection

Electric shocks occur when your body provides a path for an electrical current to escape to the ground. For example, his can happen if you touch a faulty device and a faucet at the same time. A GFCI can protect you from these shocks and even prevent death from electrocution.

How a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Works

The ground fault circuit interrupter works by constantly monitoring electricity flowing in a circuit. If there is any loss of electrical current in the circuit, the GFCI stops power in that circuit to prevent electrocution and serious injury.

Type of GFCIs

There are 3 common types of ground fault circuit interrupters:

  • Receptacle. This is fitted in the standard outlet box and protects you against ground faults. All electrical devices plugged into that circuit are protected.
  • Circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is installed in the panel box can protect devices in that circuit in case of a ground fault or an overload.
  • Portable. Portable CFGIs are excellent solutions where it isn’t possible to install a permanent ground fault circuit interrupter. These are devices that plug into a socket and then you plug your device into the portable CFGI.

Where It Is Important to Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

You should make sure that powered garden tools and other electrical tools are protected by a GFCI. You should also ensure that devices in the bathroom, kitchen, basement, and garage are on circuits protected by GFCIs.

You can have a qualified electrician make a check of your existing electrical installation to make sure that all your home devices are protected with a ground fault circuit interrupter.

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