Electrical Safety Inspections

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Electrical Safety Inspections

20% of all fires in Canada are due to electrical fires, either caused by faulty wiring or from old wiring (possibly aluminum).  These fires can all be avoided by having an electrical safety inspection done and hiring a qualified and reputable electrical contractor, Betts Electric can help with both.  

What is an electrical home inspection?

Our certified electricians will come to your home to examine and test your electrical system and provide you with a detailed report. This ensures the proper wire and connectors are being used, the connection points in your electrical panel are tight, and to ensure your home electrical system is safe and reliable.  If we find anything of safety concerns, we can either correct them on site or provide a free quote for the repairs. 

Who needs an inspection and what does it cost?

  • When purchasing a new home
  • When a home is built prior to 1980
  • After any electrical work completed by an unqualified individual

The typical home inspection will cost between $100-$200 

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In a mobile home? Have a mobile vendor vehicle? Call us today to have a Silver Label certification done.  It is required after any renovation and prior to selling.