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Active Video Guard Monitoring

Active Video Guard Monitoring is a real person, using smart system video analytics to respond to events in real time. This stops crime in their tracks by first having the guard acknowledge they are there and then being able to dispatch police, bylaw or mental health services. This proactive approach deters most crime before it happens and provides real time response in the event of an emergency. Works with most IP based camera systems.

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How can this help your business?

  • Reduce vandalism and nuisance damage like broken windows
  • Fraction of the cost of a static guard
  • Event to response is under 2 minutes
  • Site specific instructions and dispatch procedures completely customized to fit
  • Dispatch of security guard, 911, bylaw and mental health resources mean the right person can attend to the event.
  • Remote Lock and unlocking doors – Virtual door attendant
  • PPE compliance and and safety protocol monitoring
  • Thermal Cameras for early fire detection
  • Detailed report every morning showing events of the previous shift

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