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Project Category: Commercial

Location: Betts Electric Yard

Project Summary:

Adrian Fehr brought us an old milk truck and a vision of a mobile kitchen. We worked alongside Kieson metal fab shop and made his vision a reality. Take a look at the pictures below and see the transformation. 

Completion Date: July 2015

Scope of Work:

  • 60A electrical panel
  • 50A plug in for local power 
  • Connect Generator for when local power is unavailable
  • Install lights, plugs, exhaust fan and air conditioner

Fast Facts:

Food Fehr - Unique Catering Experiences. Adrian has been creating culinary masterpieces in Vancouver B.C. for the past 5 years and has brought his craft to the Okanagan. 

You can contact Food Fehr at or check him out online at 

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