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Project Category: Industrial

Location: Kelowna, BC

Project Summary:

Municipality-directed installation of two 700 HP motors to pump water from Okanagan Lake. Project required uphill-delivery of water resources to provide for the rapidly growing Glenmore-Ellison District of Kelowna.

Completion Date: 2013

Project Value: approx. $400,000

Scope of Work:

  • PLC Control Panel complete with instrumentation
  • 2 - 25,000V transformers
  • 3500A 600V MCC
  • 200A 600V MCC
  • 2 - 700HP VFDs
  • 2 - 700HP soft starts

Fast Facts:

“Complexities surrounding pump stations aside, this job required us to set up a remote-location base camp on the side of a hill in the Glenmore-Ellison District. Most days were spent working high-above, but still very close to Okanagan Lake. Beautiful view but some very tricky surroundings. Safety was (as always) a premium.” 

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