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Project Category: Solar

Location: Naramta, BC

Project Summary:

A large scale, forward thinking, 10 kilo Watt (kW) Solar Project that harnesses the power of the sun to provide power for a residential home and sells the excess back to Fortis through a Net Meter. 


Click Here to visit our Solar page for more information on Solar installations and Net Metering.

Completion Date: September 2015

Scope of Work:

Supply and install 40 solar panels, micro inverters and tie the system into the main service.  Set up the customer with net metering and Enphase Energy online portal to track solar production.

Fast Facts:

  • Creates more than 50kWh/day when the skies are blue and around 25kWh/day when the skies are grey (~38kWh/day average)
  • Average household with an air conditioner and electric appliances uses around 30-40 kWh in the summer.
  • The Solar array is approximately 60'x10' tall

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