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Rebates Available for LED Lighting Upgrades That Save You Money!

Betts Electric is proud partner of FortisBC and are proud to offer rebates directly to their customers! Updating the lighting in your home or business will save you money each month and there are rebates available from FortisBC and the City of Penticton to help offset the cost. See below for details on home and business rebate programs available and links to more information.

Residential Rebates

City of Penticton 

The City is offering low interest loans from $5,000 to $50,000 to property owners to upgrade their electrical service or install a new service. If you are interested and need more information, visit the City Website by Clicking HERE.


The following rebates are available through Betts Electric or from qualifying retail stores. Click Here for more information.

Energy Star Bathroom Fan $25 each
LED light bulbs $2-10 each
Energy Star certified fixtures $5 each
Qualifying lighting controls: Motion sensors & Timers $3 each

Business Direct Install Program

Do you own a business? Then you are eligible for Instant Rebates of up to 50% off the cost of High-Efficiency Lighting Options and Energy Saving Lighting Controls. We will come assess your business and will provide you with a free quote. Included in our quote is the following: Project Cost, Rebate from FortisBC, Estimated Annual Savings on your electricity bill, Return on Investment and Energy Saved.  Call us today for a free quote.

Commercial Direct Install Program

T5 or T8 Flourescent Lamps 4ft $1-2 each
LED T5 or T8 Lamp 4ft $8-15 each
Screw in light bulbs $8-11 each
LED 2 or 4 Pin lamp $8-11 each
Interior Light Fixtures  
Interior Troffer (2×4 flourescent fixture) $15-25 each
T5 High Output High Bay Fixture $30-140 each
Interior LED Fixture (15W – 300W) $25-140 each
Exterior Light Fixtures  
Streetlight or Pole Mounted Fixture (50W – 160W) $30 to 95 each
Wall Mounted Fixture (15W – 61W+) $15-60 each
Automatic Controls  
Occupancy Sensor $45 per circuit
Photocell Sensor (daylight) $30 per circuit
Wall Switch Timer $30 per circuit

Click Here for more information

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