Certified Electricians Providing Safe And Reliable Electrical Solutions

Industrial Electrical Contractors

Industry has many high-powered needs and strict safety requirements which require experienced industrial electrical contractors. For decades, Betts Electric has worked in this area, handling (and understanding) all aspects of the industrial-size electrical installation. We provide a full-service solution for any industrial project from instrumentation, process control, program logic, backup power, energy efficient lighting, maintenance, retrofits and design build.

Certified Class “A” FSR, Betts Electric can handle electrical builds of every scope and scale, regardless of the voltage or current values involved. This makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring the safety of your project and the integrity of the electrical system holding it all together. We even have a ULC certified control panel shop, designed to keep Betts on the cutting-edge of modern controls and instrumentation while meeting the needs of our clients effectively and efficiently. 

We also specialize in VFD upgrades for irrigation pump motors. Click Here to learn more