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Keep your electrical system working as designed with our thorough residential maintenance.

Unexpected electrical issues with your business can be an incredibly costly and frustrating to experience. Here at Betts Electric, our team of experienced electricians can help both residential and commercial clients with comprehensive maintenance services, ensuring your electrical equipment is always operating as designed. Utilizing the latest infrared scanning equipment, we are able to quickly identify potential issues before they become an expensive problem. With years of experience, our team is on hand to ensure you never experience any costly or lengthy downtime.

Call Us Today at 250-492-3221 or email us at info@bettselectric.com

Why choose our electrical maintenance services:

  • Our highly experienced team can provide a thorough scan of your property
  • We utilize the latest infrared technology to scan your system
  • Provide a preventative maintenance plan and recommending servicing
  • Identify issues before they become a major problem
  • Reduce lengthy downtime
  • Save time on costly replacements
  • Experienced electricians working across residential, commercial, and industrial properties
  • Everything conducted in-house
  • Enjoy a free, no obligation estimate on any project

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