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Did you remember to lock the door? Forgot to arm you security system? Want to turn on lights when your alarm or motion sensors are activated? All of this and more is possible with an integrated security system by Betts Security to offer their customers a reliable and easy to use security system tailored to your home or business and accessible on your phone or tablet anywhere in the world.

Anywhere in the world on your phone or tablet!

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New and existing security systems can allow you to:

  • See the status of your system
  • Arm or disarm the system (including lock and unlocking doors)
  • View full event history
  • See if doors and windows are open
  • Turn on or flash lights when motion sensors or alarms are triggered
  • Adjust the thermostat upon arming or disarming
  • Turning on foyer lights when the front door opens
  • Mobile phone alerts – No monitoring contracts required
  • CCTV/Cameras
  • Live video feeds from all cameras in the system (full color HD)
  • Access Control

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