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March 03, 2017 Lighting, Safety

Surge Protection on Your Panel

Surge protection on your panel is an essential piece of safety equipment to keep your home and appliances safe. A surge of electricity can come from lightning or a power surge in your main electrical supply. If you have a surge protector installed in your main panel, it will stop the surge from entering your home and direct the electricity to your home’s grounding system.

In this article, you will find out more about surge protection on your panel and why you should have it installed in your home.

Surge Protection for Your Home

The main reason for installing a surge protector in your home’s electrical system is to protect everything in your home. A surge protector can be no more than the size of 2 decks of cards and is installed in your main electrical panel to protect your whole house.

For example, if lightning strikes a nearby power line, the powerful electrical surge runs through cables to earth. If the path runs through your house, lightning can damage any electrical unit that is plugged in at the mains. However, surge protection on your panel will prevent the power surge from traveling through your home electrical system.

Extra Protection for Your Home

To provide extra protection for your home, you should also think about a cable surge protector. This works in a similar way to your main panel surge protector. Cable surge protectors offer an extra layer of protection to very sensitive electrical equipment like TVs, computers, appliances and audio equipment.

Another way to protect your electrical equipment is to install a phone surge protection. This is installed in your phone box and will stop a surge of electricity from damaging your phone line. Many homes use their phone line for the Internet, and a phone line surge protector will protect your computer from surges that come through the phone line.

What Does it Cost?

A surge protector has a relatively low cost in comparison to replacing your TV and appliances. The cost of a surge protector varies based on it’s maximum surge current and value of the limited warranty. A surge protector that protects up to 80,000 amps with a limited warranty of $75,000 will meet the needs of the average home and costs around $600 installed. If you are interested in protecting your home, give us a call for more information and a free quote.

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