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Archive Category: Safety

electrical fire hazards

June 07, 2017 Safety

Keep Your Family Safe – How to Spot Electrical Fire Hazards at Home

Electrical fires in the home are one of the most preventable types of fires. Being able to spot and remove fire hazards at home is…

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electrical safety tips

March 31, 2017 Safety

Electrical Safety Tips – Overloaded Circuits (Breaker Trips)

Electrical safety is critical for any home and circuit breakers are an essential safety feature. With the increase of using more and more electrical appliances,…

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surge protection

March 03, 2017 Lighting, Safety

Surge Protection on Your Panel

Surge protection on your panel is an essential piece of safety equipment to keep your home and appliances safe. A surge of electricity can come…

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Electrical panel

February 07, 2017 Safety

DIY vs Licensed Electrician – When to Call

DIY enthusiasts love to take on any kind of odd job around the house. However, when it comes to wiring and electrical work, many stop to…

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electrical safety

February 03, 2017 Safety

What Are Ground Fault Protected Devices?

If you are carrying out electrical work around the house, it’s important to think about safety. Every year thousands of people are injured or killed…

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diy electrical safety

January 09, 2017 Safety

Safety Tips for DIY Electrical

Knowing how to do small DIY jobs around the home can save you a lot of time and money. However, when it comes to doing electrical…

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November 10, 2016 Safety

Surge Protection – 3 Facts you Must Know to Protect your Home

You may think that whole house surge protection is only necessary to protect your home in case of lightning or downed powerlines. However, your home…

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